1936 Photos

1935-1936 was a spectacularly bad winter. This is the largest collection of photos I have. There are a number of different locations and sets of equipment represented.

Sometime in January a Looie plow train rests between runs, no information on location

May be the same train, marked "1936 at MP 143"

A different plow, this one is in trouble in a cut. Location unknown

Same scene from the rear

I think this may the tender from the shots above

The Milwaukee and Looie had a crossing in Sherburn. I believe this to be a Milwaukee plow and crew.

A snowbound gas-electric car?

I'm not sure what piece of equipment is peeking over this drift, it is a headlight of something

Rotary plow to the rescue. Somewhere near Sherburn probably

More Rotary action

This was supposed to be the tallest employee of the railroad in a cut that looks like it was cleared by a rotary plow

Creamery Cut, December 1927

Various locations and equipment, 1936. Includes wedge and rotary shots

MSTL 456 left the tracks plowing near Hanska, Feb. 16, 1948

Alco RS-1's working with a Russel Plow, Klossner, MN, and melting snow near New Ulm, 1951

MSTL GP-9's push a Russel through a cut, 1962

Other miscellaneous photos

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