1927 Photos

"Creamery Cut" is written on the back of these photos. I don't know where that is, if you do please let me know.

I know this one says 1917 on the front but it is clearly identified as Creamery Cut, 1927 on the reverse. I think the locomotive is a Looie Consolidation.

Creamery Cut, December 1927

Various locations and equipment, 1936. Includes wedge and rotary shots

MSTL 456 left the tracks plowing near Hanska, Feb. 16, 1948

Alco RS-1's working with a Russel Plow, Klossner, MN, and melting snow near New Ulm, 1951

MSTL GP-9's push a Russel through a cut, 1962

Other miscellaneous photos

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